Persepsi Dan Kepuasan Pemustaka Terhadap Desain Interior Di Perpustakaan Universitas Negeri Malang

Lasenta Adriyana

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Abstrac: Perception and Satifiction Library User of Interior Design at the Malang University of Library. The research aims to determine the perception and satisfaction of the interior design by user library Malang University of Library. The variables studied were variable interior design consists of an indicator of space, color, lighting, air circulation, and sound, as well as the satisfaction variables. This type of research is descriptive research with quantitative approach to spread the questionnaire on library user at the Malang University of Library as the primary data collection tools. Analysis of the data used are descriptive statistics, research shows that library user satisfied with the interior design Malang University of Library, it is based on the calculation of the variable frequency contained in the instrument research tools that questionnaires distributed to the 200 respondents with simple random sampling method. The application of appropriate library interior design plays an important role in achieving comfort library user, library user comfortable against library will be satisfied in the library.




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