Sistem Pengadaan Dan Distribusi Benih Bawang Merah Pada Tingkat Petani Di Kabupaten Brebes

Rofik Sinung Basuki
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • June 2010

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


. Basuki, R.S. 2010. Procurement and Distribution System of Shallots Seed at Farmer Level atBrebes District. The objectives of the research were to understand the sources, procurement methods, and qualityof shallots seed planted by farmers as well as the availability of good quality seed for farmers in Brebes. The resultof this study was used as policy input for improving the existing shallots seed system in Brebes. Descriptive researchwas conducted in Brebes on September 2007, in three villages selected purposively based on the dominant shallotsvarieties planted by farmers in the locations. Respondents were selected purposively based on the shallots varietiesplanted, consisted of 35 farmers who planted local varieties and 10 farmers who planted imported variety of shallotsseed. In addition, nine shallots seed growers or traders were also selected purposively as respondents. Primary datawas collected through individual interview with respondents. The results showed that most farmers (94%) who plantedlocal varieties used their own seed obtained from previous harvest, and only 6% used their seed from other farmers.Meanwhile, all farmers (100%) who planted imported seed they bought from seed stores or traders. Farmers obtainedtheir own shallots seed from the healthy, productive, and high purity variety from previous harvest. The quality offarmers' seed was good in terms of high percentage of seed growth (99.1%), low disease infected seed (1.7%), andhigh purity of variety (99.3%). The availability of seed mostly (>94%) was farmers' seed, and almost no sources ofseed obtained from special seed growers.




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