Pengaruh Motivasi Kerja Dan Kemampuan Kerja Terhadap Prestasi Kerja Karyawan (Studi Pada Karyawan Bank Mandiri Mikro Banking Distrik Malang)

Dito Wahyutomo

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The present research showed that the employees motivation of the Bank Mandiri - Micro Banking of Malang district was good and the motivation could be excellent if relationships between employees and superiors were improved . The employee abilities were good, but it would be more better if the employees deft in work and are able to work under pressure. Multiple linear regression analysis resulted in regression equation Y = 0.382 + 0.255 X1 + 0.658 X2. The R-square value of 0.583 or 58% indicated that work motivation and workability jointly contribute to the performance variables by 58% while the remaining 42 % is the contribution of the other variables that are not included in this study. Simultaneous hypothesis testing showed that both the work motivation and the work ability significantly affect job performances indicated by F significance of 0.000 ( α < 0.05). Through partial testing, work motivation variables partially affect on job performance variable is shown through sig.t of 0.043 ( α < 0.05). Work ability partially affect on work performance are indicated by sig. t of 0.000(α < 0.05.




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