Seleksi Dan Adaptasi Empat Calon Varietas Unggul Buncis Tegak Untuk Dataran Medium (Selection and Adaptation of Four Variety Candidates Superior Bush Bean Varieties for Medium Land)

Diny Djuariah • Rini Rosliani • Helmi Kurniawan • Liferdi Lukman
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • June 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Bush bean is one of vegetable crops as a sources of nutrient and valuable economically. Average yield is still low (<15 t/ha). Application of new superior varieties may be improve yield and quality of bush bean. From cultivar selection activities, it has been gained four new superior cultivars. Results from preliminary and further studies it was revealed that the new superior cultivars are suitable and adapted, and can be developed for both medium and low altitudes up to 200 m asl. Those new superior varieties were tested for multi-locations test at three different medium land for two planting seasons (rainy). The goal of these experiments is to find out the new superior varieties of bush beans for medium land which give high yield and quality (>15 t/ha). A randomized block design with four replications will be arranged in the field. Treatments comprised of four candidate of superior cultivars of bush beans, viz. Le-02, Le-44, Balitsa 1, Balitsa 2, and Balitsa 3 and BC 02 (control cultivars). The result showed that Balitsa 1, Balitsa 2 and Balitsa 3 the superior cultivars that are suitable for medium land and the yield > each production is 16,25 t/ha, 19,50 t/ha, and 19,71 t/ha. If can be concluded superior test, all list three candidat strains with high yield and qualities are suitable and reasonable to be released.




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