Tanggapan Tiga Kultivar Mawar Terhadap Media Tumbuh Tanpa Tanah

Sri Wuryaningsih • Agus Muharram • Iyus Rusyadi
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • March 2003 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


. Soilless media has opportunity for development because of clean, environmentally sound, and the material could be found in Indonesia. Research on the response of rose cultivars to soilless media (coirdust + zeolite and saw- dust + zeolite) was conducted at plastic house from June 1999 to February 2000. Randomized complete block design with factorial pattern consists of two factors and three replications were used in this experiment. The first factor was three cultivars of rose and the second factor was eight combination compositions of sawdust/sawdust + zeolite and soil as control. The results showed that cultivars of Selabintana grown bud on sawdust or sawdust + zeolite media 2.4 times, maribaya 2.6 times, and cipanas dwiwarna 3.4 times higher than those on sawdust media. The vegetative and generative development of such cultivars on the coirdust, coirdust + zeolite, and soil were better than those on sawdust media. Coirdust + 100 g zeolite produced the highest plant high of 39.4 cm. The use coirdust media yielded plant total weight of 1.8 times, higher, fastened flower initiation time of 29 days and improved flower numbers of 3,84 times than those of sawdust media. The rose cultivars planted on zeolite + coirdust had leaf more greenery and heavier compared to those on zeolite + sawdust. The composition of 100 g coirdust and 200 g zeolite could be recommended as alterna- tive media for growing of rose.




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