Studi Area Longsor Kota Depok Dengan Metode Pembobotan Parameter

Adib Fahrul Arifin • Sutomo Kahar • Bandi Sasmito
Journal article Jurnal Geodesi Undip • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


In the end period of 2014 already 5 landslides that befell the city of Depok. Thus, needed a map of landslide-prone zones in order to generate information about a position with regard to the level of landslide insecurity in the city of Depok. This map can be used as reference in decision making to precautionary the occurrence of landslide in prone area, thus reducing the number of casualties our material and also planning in the development of facilities and infrastructure.This research uses remote sensing imagery Quickbird data and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) by doing weighting parameters that influence the occurrence of landslides and comparing the two methods of weighting parameters. These parameters are slope, land use, soil type, altitude, and rainfall. The result of this research is map of insecurity the avalanche split into five classes, namely not prone, rather prone, quite a prone, prone, and is very prone. The information obtained is most areas of the city was included in the class “rather prone” as big as 48,49% from total area of Depok as big as 9316,96232 Ha. While the rest was included in the class “not prone” as big as 22,27% (4279,860 Ha), in the class “quite a prone” as big as 25,57% (4912,882 Ha), in the class “prone” as big as 2,98% (573,389 Ha), and in the class “is very prone” as big as 0,67% (129,982 Ha).




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