Analisis Tingkat Preferensi Petani Terhadap Karakterisitik Hasil Dan Kualitas Bawang Merah Varietas Lokal Dan Impor

Rofik Sinung Basuki
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • June 2009

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


. Basuki, R.S. 2009. Analysis of Farmer's Preference on Yield and Quality Characteristic of Localand Imported Shallots Variety. Local variety of shallots that had competitiveness to imported variety needed tobe identified in order to reduce the use of imported seed variety. The objective of this research was to identify localvariety more preferred by farmers than that of imported variety. Research was conducted in Brebes District fromJuly to October 2005. The approach of research was farmer participatory research supported by field trial plot. Thefield trial design used was RCBD, with 10 local varieties and 2 imported varieties as treatments and 3 replications.The field trial plot was used as an observation plot for farmers participants, 28 farmers in Kemukten Village and 32farmers in Slatri Village. The data from farmer participatory research were collected from farmer's written answers onthe questionnaire distributed by researchers. Farmers' data were the level of farmer's preference to the characteristicsof yield, number of sprouts, bulb shape, bulb size, bulb color, and flavor of 12 shallot varieties tested in the fieldtrial. The data were analyzed using perceived quality methods. The results showed that among local varieties, BimaCurut variety was the most preferred by farmers. Agronomically, the yield of imported varieties were higher and thebulb were bigger than that of Bima Curut. However, the level of farmers preference on Bima Curut were 10 to 23% higher than that of the imported varieties of Tanduyung and Ilokos. The reason was that the total characteristicsof Bima Curut in terms of yield, number of sprouts, bulb shape, bulb size, bulb color, and flavor were preferred byfarmers more than that of the total characteristics of imported varieties. Nonetheless, technological components offertilization, cultivation, disease and pest control still need improvements to increase the competitiveness of BimaCurut variety.




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