Pelaksanaan Rekrutmen Pegawai Di PT. KAI DAOP 7 Madiun (Studi Kasus Pada PT. KAI DAOP 7 Madiun)

Ario Nasty Pramudi

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


: Implementation of Employee Recruitment PT. KAI DAOP 7 Madiun (Case Study on PT. KAI DAOP 7 Madison). Implementation of recruitment conducted by PT. KAI DAOP 7 Madiun always experience growth in every implementation, it aims to improve the quality of employees resulting from the recruitment process. See vital means of rail transport in Indonesia it is indeed absolutely must be done. With increasing quality of human resources owned by PT. KAI DAOP 7 Madiun will certainly improve the quality of services provided to the community. Recruitment is done by PT. KAI DAOP 7 Madiun done several times a year, it is tailored to the needs of employees of PT. KAI DAOP 7 Madiun. In the implementation of recruitment PT. KAI DAOP 7 Madiun involve several experts from several universities in Indonesia it was done so that recruitment is conducted can produce qualified human resources that will be brought forward for PT. KAI DAOP 7 Madiun.




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