Analisis Pendekatan Nilai Sekarang Dengan Metode Dividend Discount Model Untuk Menilai Kewajaran Harga Saham (Studi Pada Perusahaan-Perusahaan Sektor Property Dan Real Estate Yang Tercatat Di Bei Tahun 2010-2012)

Anisa Hilmy Rositha

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


This research is dedicated to find the fairness of property and real estate firm stock's price that analyzed using present value approach on Dividend Discount Model, moreover suggest decision making for investor. it use secondary data that include financial reports and closing price. The sample's are ASRI, CTRA, CTRP, CTRS,GMTD, GPRA, JRPT,LPKR, MKPI, PLIN, PUPD,and SMRA. Based on the result, undervalued stocks and a good companies financial performance are CTRA, CTRP, GMTD, GPRA, LPKR, MKPI, PLIN, SMRA that those stock are affordable. ASRI and JRPT have good financial performances, but the price are overvalued so it's better if to be hold. PT Ciputra SuryaTbk(CTRS) andPTPudjiadi Prestige Tbk(PUPD) are in bad financial condition's and the stock are overvalued, so it will be best decision for investor if sell it or not to be bought.




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