Evaluasi Keterampilan Mengajar Guruipa dalam Peningkatan'profesionalisme dan Kualitas Pembelajaran di Kelas

Izaak H. Wennoevaluasi Keterampilan Mengajar Guruipa Dalam Peningkatan'profesionalisme Dan Kual
Journal article Cakrawala Pendidikan • June 2008

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


The effect of learning improvement success developed by teacher indirectlywill affect in the increase of the quality of education macro. In this context, studyinstructed to evaluation is interest to the implementation of teach by teacher in theclassroom.In this professional examination teacher expected by personating ofrenewal agent cCll1 be social, can act as the instruction organizer, responsibility toincrease its teachership efficiency. Method used in· research evaluate is programevaluate method, with the instrument which have directive to that format IPKG 1and IPKG 2. Result obtained can be categorized into its professionalism storey levelis good,where foquulation mean of is target of study 24,59 % and otherrangefrom17,10 - 23,42 %. While ability learn in executing study is .also categorized by agoodness,where interest mean developed by equal to 78,43 % and other rangefrom 10,36 - 11,21%. But there is also difficulty faced bythe teacher; namely explainthe indicator ladder do not sort from simple interest to complex interest, do notentangle the student in activity of making.or explQiting' of is source of learningmedia,do not trigger and look after the student involvement in openingopportunity for the discussion of group.




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