Strategi Inovatif Pengelolaan Sampah Rumah Tangga Perkotaan (Studi Pada Bank Sampah “Sri Wilis” Perum Wilis II Kelurahan Pojok Kecamatan Mojoroto Kota Kediri)

Ayu Dewanti Anggraini

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: Urban Household Trash Management Innovative Strategy (Study of Bank Sampah “Sri Wilis” Perum Wilis II in Kelurahan Pojok, Kecamatan Mojoroto, Kota Kediri). Research in conducted to look at how far Bank Sampah “Sri Wilis” Kota Kediri can organize Household Trash Management. The activity is done by executing various innovative strategies in trash management, developing the value of trash, and socializing the impact of clean and healthy environment by increasing community participation. Result of research can be explained as follows: (1) Innovative strategy done by Bank Sampah “Sri Wilis” for house trash management is already mature. Community is empowered through socialization and trainings. Actors in this engagement include the government, the immediate citizens around Perum Wilis, outsider peoples, and some schools in Kota Kediri. To increase community participation, save-loan system is built. Economic factor is considered by such innovative strategy by givingeconomic added-value to the result of trash transaction; and (2) Some factors are influential. The suppoting factors are member participation, structure and infrastructure, participation of immediate community, and cooperation with Cleanliness and Gardening Official of Kota Kediri. The constraining factors include the unchanged mindset of community and the lack of readiness from the personnel to collect trashes from the households.




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