Penggunaan Parameter Orientasi Eksternal (Eo) Untuk Optimalisasi Digital Triangulasi Fotogrametri Untuk Keperluan Ortofoto

Syarifa Naula Husna • Sawitri Subiyanto • Hani'ah Hani'ah
Journal article Jurnal Geodesi Undip • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Aerial photogrammetry mapping needs points which are has been identified and have a ground reference coordinates of the location where the points was measured. Those points are called Ground Control Point (Seker and Duran, 2011). However, the aerial photogrammetry can be measured just by adding exterior orientation parameters which extracted from GNSS and IMU that applied on camera. EO is a data that consist six parameters in a two groups, first group named coordinates principal point (X, Y, Z), second group named camera's rotation (omega, phi, kappa). The use of exterior orientation parameters (EO) in producing orthophoto can minimize the needs of tie points in the overlap region of aerial photos (Ip et al, 2007).This study is using digital aerial triangulation methodology by adding exterior orientation parameters (EO) on three samples which has different gap to produce orthophoto. The samples have three kinds of gaps which is 8 gaps, 4 gaps and 2 gaps. Overall implementation of the research are using Inpho Application Master software.After all of orthophotos are formed, RMSEX GCP values was obtained for 8 gaps aerial photos amounted to 0.547 meters long, RMSEY amounted to 0.670 meters long and RMSEZ amounted to 1.162 meters long. Furthermore, 4 gaps aerial photos produced RMSEX amounted to 0.392 meters, RMSEY amounted to 0.573 meters and RMSEZ amounted to 0.527 meters. Last, 2 gaps aerial photos produced RMSEX amounted to 0.137 meters, RMSEY amounted to 0.428 meters and RMSEZ amounted to 0.377 meters. The horizontal accuracy value is 0.617 meter with scale 1: 5000 for 8 gaps aerial photos, 0.605 meter with scale 1: 5000 for 4 gaps aerial photos, and 0.477 meter with scale 1: 2500 for 2 gaps aerial photos.




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