Pengaruh Marketing Public Relations Terhadap Citra Perusahaan Dan Dampaknya Terhadap Loyalitas Pelanggan (Survei Pada Pelanggan Toyota Auto 2000 Jl. Letjend Sutoyo No.25, Malang)

Tri Akbar Vellayati

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


The research aims to know and to explain the impact of marketing public relations whish are consist of publication variable, events, sponsorship, news, speech, social act, and media identity for the corporate image, moreover to knows and explain the impact of the toyota's corporate image for it's customer loyalty. The research method used in this study is explanatory research. The total sample is 116 customer Toyota Auto 2000 Sutoyo, Malang. The sampling technique used is accidental sampling.The data collection method conducted by questionnaire. Analysis of the data in this research uses descriptive analysis and path analysis. Result of this research is showed that variables from marketing public relations which gives significat impact for the Toyota's corporate image are publication, sponsorship, news, speech, and media indentity and for the event variable and social acts does not give a significant effect for the Toyota's corporate image, and Toyota's corporate image is impacted significantly for the Toyota's customer loyalty.




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