Analisis Pengelolaan Modal Kerja Dalam USAha Menjaga Likuiditas Dan Profitabilitas Perusahaan (Studi Kasus Pada PT. Armada Pagora Jaya Kediri Periode 2011-2013)

Christina Dessy Susanti

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Working capital management is a company activities that aim to regulate and supervise the financial state of the company, especially in current assets and current liabilities for the company to achieve the desired goal. The management of working capital management was intended to find out whether the company can be in a State of excess working capital or working capital deficiency, so that it can manage its capital in a balanced way and get optimal profit. Ratio analysis is used the ratio of liquidity, profitability ratio, debt ratio and activity ratio. The purpose of this research is to know the condition of working capital and working capital management PT. Armada Pagora Jaya Kediri Period 2011-2013. Results of analysis showed that the Net Working Capital the company achieved for 2011 amounting to Rp 6.879.044.889. The year 2012 is amounting to Rp 6.806.565.870 and 2013 Net Working Capital which amounted to Rp 5.532.452.544. Planning sales in 2014 rising 2% in the amount Rp 81.985.934.591 with motorcycle sold 4.371 units. The planning of profit generated by 2014 which is amounting to Rp. 2.109.610.555.




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