Kode-kode Dalam Aktivitas Touring Klub Sepeda Motor (Sebuah Analisis Semiotika)

Elvira Regina Rumimper
Journal article Jurnal Fakultas Sastra Universitas Sam Ratulangi • 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 17 pages)


Semiotics is a study about signs and everything related with it; it also related with other signs, the sender and the recipient. System of significance exist (and therefore called code) if there possibility of generating function of signs that have been agreed by the community. The code is a set of rules or conventions (agreements) together in which signs can be combined, thus enabling the message can be communicated from one to another, In this research, the writer takes the codes used by touring in motorcycle touring activity as the object of research. In this categogy, codes are used in motorcycle touring activity for communication. The problem in this research, forms of codes used by YVCI or Yamaha Vixion Club Indonesia as a club of motorcycle and the mean of the codes are the aim of this research. The purpose of the research are identify and analyze, in the motorcycle touring activity. The data about codes were collected by getting some information from informants, by following their touring at many places like Manado, Tondano, Tanawangko, and Tomohon. All the data were analyzed based on Fieske's theory of codes, and the research are uses descriptive analysis. The result in this research show there are 20 codes in YVCI Manado. There are 3 classification of codes, code of dangers, codes of way, and code of formation. The meaning of codes are, how to show the bikers about the condition during the touring when they are in dangerous, how to make direction for the bikers or describe the road when they are touring and codes help them to make a communication to give information in the road.




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