Analisis Sistem Dan Prosedur Akuntansi Jasa Penjualan Kamar Dan Jasa Restoran Hotel Dalam Upaya Peningkatan Pengendalian Intern (Studi Pada Ub Hotel Kota Malang)

Citra Violitasari Anggraeni

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The purpose from this research is to identify and analyze the implementation of accounting systems and procedures for the sale of rooms and restaurant services at UB Hotel and improved its internal control efforts. The method which used in this research is descriptive method with qualitative approach. The technique used is an interview with the General Manager, Accounting Manager, Human Resource Development Section and Front Office as well as studying documents related to the sale of the rooms and the restaurant, in this research is observe directly in the rooms and in restaurant sales UB Hotel. Based on the results of this research it can be discovered that the systems and procedures in the sales room hotel and restaurant in UB already supports some aspects of internal control, such as in a particular aspect of healthy practices and employee turnover positions that quality in accordance with its responsibilities as well as the form used has also been numbered consecutively. However, there are some aspects that are still not supporting the existence of internal control is standard operating procedures still not written yet, there are still some double position, and never made ​​a sudden inspection by the leadership of UB Hotel.




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