Nematoda Pada Katak Di Daerah Persawahan Dan Sekitar Hutan Di Jawa Barat

Endang Purwaningsih • Kartika Dewi
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • December 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Research on the parasitic•nematodes on frogs was conducted in the area of West Java, i.e . Cibadak,Cugenang (rice fields), Mount Gede-Pangrango and Selabintana (the area around the forest). A total of 69frogs consisted of 11 Fejervaria limnocharis, 27 F. cancrivora, 14 Rana chalconota, 4 R. kuhli, 7 R. hosii,5 Huia mansoni and 1 Limnonectes microdiscus were observed for nematodes. The obtained nematodeswere Raillietnema rachophory, Seuratascaris numidica, Cocmocerca ornate, Meteterakis sp., Gendria spdan Rhabdias sp. Nematodes observed with a scanning electron microscope (JSM-531OLV) were fixedwith glutaraldehyde buffer solution, kaksodilat, and tanat acid; dehydrated with gradual alcoholconcentrations; and then dried using Freezed Drier. Generally, 24 frogs (34.7%) out of 69 frogs wereinfected by nematodes.




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