Kepercayaan Diri (Self Esteem) Yang Rendah Meningkatkan Risiko Kenaikan Indeks Massa Tubuh (Imt) Pada Remaja Di Dua Sekolah Di Jakarta Selatan Tahun 2013

Kencana Sari • Nurillah Amaliah • Tities Puspita
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • December 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Obesity is beginning in younger age. Studies showed built environment have an effect on increasing risk ofobesity. Knowing the relation between environments where people live is necessary to overcome thenutrition related health problems. This study is aimed to measure relationship between obesogenicenvironment and changing in Body Mass Index. This was a time series study. The study subjects consist ofgrade eleven and twelve of 70 and 47 senior high schools in South Jakarta. The senior high school wasdifferentiated as obesogenic environments and non obesogenic environment based on observation of theschool environment. There were 152 respondents aged 15-18 years with non obese nutritional status(BMI<30). There were twice data collections with 6 months interval. Data on socio-demographic wascollected by questionnaire. Body Mass Index (BMI) was calculated based on weight and height. Changingin BMI was categorized as increasing and decreasing compare to first measurement in the previous sixmonths. Bivariate and multivariate statistical test was conducted using logistic regression analysis. Thisanalysis noted that 90 (58.5%) subjects decreased their BMI and 64 (41.5%) increased their BMI.Obesogenic environment (adj.OR = 0.42; 95% CI= 0.21-0.84), riding car or motorcycle to/from school (adj.OR=0.25; 95% CI = 0.09-0.73) increased risk of decreasing BMI. Low self esteem increased the risk ofincreasing BMI (adj. OR = 2.54; 95% CI = 1.26-5.11). Obesogenic environment around school, type oftransportation were the risk factors of decreasing BMI in adolescent. While low self esteem was the riskfactor in increasing BMI in adolescent. Education is needed for the adolescent to motivate and increasetheir self esteem especially in coping problems so eating is not the way out.




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