Identifikasi Status Hama Pada Budidaya Paprika (Capsicum Annuum Var. Grossum) Di Kabupaten Bandung, Jawa Barat

Laksminiwati Prabaningrum • Tonny Koestoni Moekasan
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • June 2007 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


. Prabaningrum, L. and T.K. Moekasan. 2007. Identification of Pests Status on Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annuum var. grossum) in Bandung District, West Java Province. One of constraints in cultivating sweet pepper is pests and diseases problem. Survey to determine pests status on sweet pepper was carried out in January (rainy season) and August (dry season) in 2003 at Bandung District, West Java. Data were collected using questioner with 30 farmers as respondents. The data consisted of kind of pest, crop loss, and pest control and the data was analyzed descriptively. The results indicated that thrips was a key pest on sweet pepper in either rainy or dry season. Yield loss due to thrips was 10-25% in rainy season and 40-55% in dry season. All farmers used insecticide intensively to control thrips.




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