Pengaruh Faktor-faktor Dalam Model of Utilization Terhadap Penggunaan Personal Computer (Studi Pada Mahaiswa Angkatan 2012/2013 Fakultas Ilmu Administrasi Jurusan Bisnis Universitas Brawijaya Malang)

Esty Sih Hastuty
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Bisnis S1 Universitas Brawijaya • July 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Aims to reaffirm The Theory of Reasoned Action of Fishbein and Asjen (1975, is a theory that relates to the attitudes and behavior of individuals in carrying out reasoned activities and actions which are grounded in the context of the use of information technology, later developed by Thompson,et al (1991) on the early test models use of Personal Computer (Model of Utilization) by using a series ofbehavioraltheoryandattitude of Triandis's (1980).Thompson, et al (1991) observed the influences ofsocial norms, affectivebehavior, perceivedcomplexityin usingPC, the task suitability, the long-term consequences ofthe use ofPC's and the conditionsthat facilitatetheuse ofpersonalcomputer. Found there's a positive simultaneous relation between them.One of most popular universities of East Java Province is University of Brawijaya, the Faculty of Administrative Science which has a high grade require skills both in computing and information system properly, by concerning the whole aspects including technical aspects and psychological conditions. This research aims to reexamine the model proposed by Thompson, et al (1991) to measure how close the interaction of FIA UB's student and the computer needed.




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