Kebijakan Pengintegrasian Pendidikan Lingkungan Hidup Pada Sekolah “Adiwiyata” (Studi Pada SMAN 1 Puncu Kecamatan Puncu Kabupaten Kediri)

Erika Donna Meissy Karmanto
Journal article None • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


: Policy Integration Of Environmental Education With The School “Adiwiyata” (Study In SMAN 1 Puncu Sub District Puncu Kediri Regency). Environmental education is one of embodiment of law no 32 of 2009 on protection and management of the environment, especially article 65 paragraph 2 that on of the right of the society is getting environmental education. policy integration of environmental education in SMAN 1 Puncu, Puncu districts, Kediri districts is realized in from of implementation of program that made by the government and run by the schools. The realization of integratitation of environmental education in schools, then the schools proved to rush to get to school that is able to build a life that love to the environmental and achieve Adiwiyata School. Government program is the implementation of the environmental management by maintaining preserving the environment. program conducted schools not running optimally, still constrained the rest of the eruption, still found a violation, the support obtained do not meet needs. Recomendatations that can be given by researchers is the school should promote environmental education to achieve Adiwiyata, overcome by making the tool or container dew maker, crack down or empower the school community, the addition of discipline, should cooperate with stakeholders who have a business, the processed organic fertilizer can be sold out of school for school entry.