Implementasi Kebijakan Program Sanitasi Lingkungan Berbasis Masyarakat (SLBM) Dalam Perspektif Pembangunan Berkelanjutan (Studi Dinas Pekerjaan Umum Bina Marga Dan Cipta Karya Kabupaten Tulungagung)

Rizki Rachmaddianto

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


: The Implementation of Policy on Community-Based Environmental Sanitation Program (SLBM) in Sustainable Development (Studies in the Department of Public Works Bina Marga and Cipta Karya Tulungagung Regency). The development of growth in urban areas or district that was so advanced make the emergence of an assortment of the problems that very complex, one of the problems has not been this point is of sanitation problems. Sanitation is an effort to create a program to prevent the emergence of all kinds of disease. Sanitation is one way to clean from all elements that would enable the disorder disease. The SLBM in Tulungagung enough executed properly, with some strategy, of the success of sanitation development there are indications that affects the success of which are in the selection of location, already the community participation of operational and maintenance at some of the location of targets. But of the overall implementation of the program ineffective SLBM activities is the hometown selection. Because of the limited fasilisator empowerment new who is known by the managers. That the Policy Impact Community-Based Environmental Sanitation Program (SLBM) in Tulungagung Regency where research conducted in the Department PUBMCK Tulungagung Regency has should be enough to show positive results against sustainable development.




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