Semarang Charity Map, Penyajian Peta Donasi Sosial Kota Semarang Berbasis Blogger Javascript

Wahyu Nur Rohim • Moehammad Awaluddin • Andri Suprayogi
Journal article Jurnal Geodesi Undip • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


Social workers often get stuck in confusion, limited information about social events, social house, social community and the data about social prosperity matter later named social donation in Semarang alittle bit more dragging them in conducting the donation management. Therefore, a number of questions come up such as how many social houses in semarang, which social house is closer to the housing, the path sign from a certain place to the events location, social houses, and certain social community, and also how much the time estimation and how many the distance estimation.In this final assignment research, the social donation data is presented in an online geographical information system by using the blogging platform in working out a site using the JavaScript and HTML programming system. In the process of making the main map, the social houses map, and the social community map, the researcher uses ArcGIS Desktop 10.sp1 software to manage the basis data to be a spatial vector data. The spatial vector data is processed by ArcGIS Developer to show it in the basic online map or Web Map in ArcGIS Online site.Some Web Map Application features is available in the ArcGIS Online site, one is the direction feature. A feature gives the path sign information in detail, the distance estimation and time estimation to the user by using the number of longitude-latitude coordinate as the parameter. After ensuring that the direction feature of the social donation basic online map works well, later it is showed in the site using the HTML programming system of frame function. Before the site is published, the site address of extension is changed into




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