Penerapan SSK (Strategi Sanitasi Kota) Dalam Perspektif Pembangunan Berwawasan Lingkungan (Studi Pada Kota Blitar)

Kiky Della Citrawuni

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


: Based on the results of the research indicate that in the application of the SSK (City Sanitation Strategy) in the perspective of the construction of environmentally optimal yet. Internal factors selected back into human resources and infrastructure. While the eksternalnya factor is the coordination and communication with the community. Thus the advice given is the transparency of the relationship between institutions and the community need to be improved so that the anticipate of any misunderstanding. The community also should be given more recognition to arise awareness within the community about the importance of safe guarding the environment. The Government should also limit the continuous development. The construction has been done should provide land free to open green space as one way to balance between development and the environment. The Fund is also a factor in the problem so that careful planning should also be done to avoid the process of stopping the project so that the results be insufficient




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