Optlmallsasl Pembinaan Keglatan Kemahasiswaan untuk Menciptakan Mahasiswa Unggul

Sumaryanto Sumaryanto
Journal article Cakrawala Pendidikan • June 2002

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


Essentially, the issues of collegian activities guidance werein increasing of their qualities. The impowennent of collegianfor the academy were belong to the important way,to did. As thestrategically institution that producing the nation leader candidates,besides providing the academically insight in its field, inthe right way that the institution was creating a conducive environmentthat aimed in the growing of collegian's social fife inthe scientifically insight cultural.In the academy, learning process that containing the regularlycollege activities that included in the field of academicallyactivities were becoming a primary service in collegian activitieswhich were pressed in point of the agile of intelligently collegian.In addition, there were~hek ind service that provide byacademy that was providing the vehicle for the collegians in theirorganization activities to actualize of their talent, interest andability that was belonged that aimed of their optimal development.The optimalization of collegian activities or extracurricularactivities was implemented in the way of (1) determining of col-Iegian acttsrities priority with ,ha?ljiical Hierarchy Process toobtain the rationaily activities and properly implemented. ( 2 ) thecollegian -o uidrznce pattern was implemented in synergogy. Insuch two ways. it was expected that collegian obtained their sufficientextracurricuiar experiences. with the result that they beable to adjusting and managing organization. These experienceswas integrated to the result of studying process in the collegewith the result to producing the excellence collegians, that wereable to achieving their performance in academ:caily area. in experiencingIn exti-acurrncuiar area (collegian organization) andbe able to achieving the nationality goals




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