PEMBERDAYAAN EKONOMI PENGUSAHA TAHU ( Studi Tentang Pemberdayaan Pengusaha Tahu Melalui Peran Dinas Koperasi, Industri Dan Perdagangan Kabupaten Kediri).

Muhamad Bagus Ferdiansyah

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


: ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT OF ENTREPRENEURS TOFU (Studies Empowering Entrepreneurs Tofu through the role of the Department of Cooperatives, Industry and Trade Kediri District). Empowerment of Cooperatives, Industry and Trade of the Tofu Businessmen. Is a cold process kindness achieved by the government and the private sector need to be empowered in order to achieve an independent local community welfare. Department of Cooperatives, Industry and Trade, empowering entrepreneurs tofu the ways in accordance with the decree, that in the study, there are three main points in the empowerment implemented by Cooperative Agency, industry and trade, that empowerment in the areas of capital, which the Department of Cooperatives, industry, trade and often provide grants that are usually replaced immediately in the form of items required, coaching or giving knowledge to entrepreneurs to learn more about the types of business, and administrators who monitor the Tofu Businessmen that once there is a connection with the Department of Cooperatives, industry and trade as Tofu Businessmen who never get a grant. So expect from the district administration, there is a good relationship between the private sector that Tofu Businessmen the government agencies that the Department of Cooperatives, industry and trade. Constraints and Implementation Support Empowerment Cooperative Agency, industry and trade to entrepreneurs know. Constraints in the implementation of the empowerment arises because, lazily most entrepreneurs know in following training activities and associations of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises District, Kediri. So that products and marketing for entrepreneurs who are inactive to grow. Supporting factors that I know in the field is the board's role PMKM at the Department of Cooperatives, Industry and Commerce which supports the welfare of Tofu Businessmen. Apparatus existing Resources. Further supporting factor in achieving the welfare of the Tofu Businessmen, tofu Culinary Kediri is well-known, so that adds to the interest of marketing. Just how entrepreneurs know how to package products that many consumers demand widely.




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