Preferensi Konsumen Terhadap Atribut Kualitas Empat Jenis Sayuran Minor

Thomas Agus Soetiarso
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • December 2010 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


. Soetiarso, T. A. 2010. Consumer's Preference on Quality Attributes of Four Minor Vegetables. Theexistence of minor (under-utilized/indigenous) vegetables is beginning to extinct because they are replaced by somecultivated species. Slow development of minor vegetables is also caused by the product quality attributes of thosevegetables that have not been recognized compared to the priority vegetables, such as potato, cabbage, and tomato.The study was aimed to identify consumer preference on quality attributes of four minor vegetables. A consumersurvey was carried out in Sukabungah Village, Sukajadi Sub-district, Bandung, West Java from April to June 2007.Location of survey was purposively selected, while 50 household mothers were randomly chosen. Data were collectedthrough interviews by using a structured questionnaire. Minor vegetables included in this study were lima bean,star gooseberry, chayote, and winged bean. Consumer preference on product attributes of minor vegetables wereanalyzed by using the ranking technique and tested with Chi-square. Results indicated that consumer preferences onquality attributes for minor vegetable were as follows: (1) lima bean: large pod size (20 cm length and 2 cm width),dark purple skin color, crisp pod hardness, white flesh color, and delicious taste, (2) star gooseberry: light green leafcolor, medium leaf size (4 cm length and 2 cm width), much number of leaves/branches, and slightly sweet taste,(3) chayote: medium fruit size (12 cm length and 8 cm width), light green skin color, thornless skin, medium skinhardness, little sap content, and slightly sweet taste, (4) winged bean: light green skin color, medium length about18 cm, smooth skin surface, straight fruit shape, crisp fruit hardnes, and slightly sweet taste. Minor vegetables (limabean, star gooseberry, chayote, winged bean) represent inexpensive but high quality nutritional contents. The resultsof this consumer survey may be used as a preference-based feedback for improving the product attibutes of minorvegetables to increase their economic potentials.




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