Nilai Budaya Dalam Lagu-lagu Daerah Talaud Pada Tradisi “Matunjuka” (Suatu Analisis Etnolinguistik)

Iriani Tahinaung

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 20 pages)


Cultural value are agreed and planted by society in organization scope, society environment, which rooted on a habit, belief, symbols, which can be differentiate by possessing certain characteristics as the reference and response to will happen or is happing (Aslinda and Leni, 2007). Matunjuka is a Talaud society traditional art as the forefathers legacy, developed and kept descend upon generations. Matunjuka tradition is also a form of entertainment and recreation which done in term of thanks giving of grace and protection from Almighty God. Ethnolinguistics term derived from the words ethnology and linguistics. Ethnology means science that learns about tribes, and linguistcs means a science that learns anything about human daily language or also called language science. Ethnolinguistics is a linguistics branch that investigate the relationship between language and rural society (Juhartiningrum, 2010:18) This research is doe with aim to identify the language structure in Talaud traditional songs and describe the culture value on Matunjuka tradition. It is also for ethnolinguistics research field application. This research is also to give the thought contribution to the Talaud local government through connected office which area of culture in order to keep the Matunjuka tradition, and to introduce the Matunjuka tradition widely to the society.




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