Pelayanan Publik Berbasis Teknologi Informasi Dan Komunikasi (Tik), Elektronik Rukun Tetangga/rukun Warga (E-rt/rw) (Studi E-government Di Kelurahan Ketintang Kecamatan Gayungan Pemerintah Kota Surabaya)

Rizky Hersya Pratama

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


: Public Service-Based Information Technology and Communication (ICT), Electronics Neighborhood / Pillars of Citizens (e-RT / RW). (Study of e-Government inward Ketintang District Gayungan Surabaya City Government). This study is based on the new way to manage public sector, a management-oriented to promote community service, rather than the interests of the government. With supported centralized information technology (information technology center), which then forms the service is known as e-Government. One of the e-Government program is the program e-RT / RW city of Surabaya. The research objective was to determine how the program e-RT / RW in the Village Ketintang, Gayungan Surabaya as sub pilot project, and what are the factors supporting and inhibit factors. The method used is descriptive research, which is known as a search for the facts with proper interpretation. This study aimed to describe the phenomenon that exist, both are natural and engineed. Then the data analysis method used is interactive analysis, which has four procedures that collect data, reduce the data, presenting data, and then the last, draw conclusions.The results showed the program e-RT / RW sourced from the Mayor of Surabaya. The Model policies that use is top down and bottom up since the policy came from the superiors, but the public is also involved to provide participation. Factors supporting the e-RT / RW in the ward Ketintang district, Gayungan, Surabaya is the full support of the government and related parties, their basic service standards and infrastructure are qualified. While inhibiting factor that is of public interest, the lack of internal support, and lack of maintenance of facilities and infrastructure. From these results, the researchers suggest that the necessary socialization harder, but not merely socialization but also training to people to operate them online. Accountability transparent funding. Holding intense communication forum, adding website content, and control of the technical constraints with a thorough evaluation.




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