Gambaran Kebakaran Hutan Dengan Kejadian Penyakit Ispa Dan Pneumonia Di Kabupaten Batang Hari, Provinsi Jambi Tahun 2008

Dian Perwitasari • Bambang Sukana
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • June 2012 Indonesia

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Forest extinguisher is one of the problems that it has disastrous harm to the environment andhealth. A fume from fires is the one of environmental pollution factors that it can be causes diseases such asARI (Acute Respiratory infections) and pneumonia. This article contains research data derived fromsecondary data on health districts Batanghari, Jambi Province in 2008. The design was a cross-sectionalstudy to see the possibility of a fire by looking at an increase of hotspots. Those data was compareddescriptively with rainfall data, ARI diseases and pneumonia. Data have obtained point an increased thefire occurred in August as 70 of hotspots and inceasing of rainfall was 245 mm. Other results illustrate thatthere is a correlation was found between the increase in rainfall of 331 mm with a reduction in fire as manyas 4 points in March. From the data obtained prevalesi 55.9% for respiratory disease and pneumonia with prevalence of 7.35% and in 2008. The results of air pollution parameters showed an increase in air qualityparameters such as PM10, SO2, CO and O3 although still below of the standard. The conclusion of thisstudy was indicated that the increased in hotspots did not occurred of the rainfall influenced in certainmonths, while the forest extinguisher was indirect affect of the incidence rate of ARI and pneumonia.According to the results, data is needed to continue analysis annually to monitoring and support efforts toprevent forest fires and land especially areas prone to fires.




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