Penampilan Fenotipik Beberapa Hibrida F1 Pepaya

N. L. P. Indriyani
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • September 2007 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


. Indriyani, N.L.P. 2007. Phenotypic Performance of some F1 Hybrids of Papaya. The aim of the research was to obtain the best phenotypic performance of papaya hybrids. The experiment was conducted at Banjarsari (± 5 m asl), Probolinggo, East Java, from November 2000 to September 2001, using a randomized complete block design. The treatment consisted of 10 populations of artificial cross pollination and 3 replications. Parameters observed were time of first flower emergence, first flower position, first fruit position, harvest time of first fruit, length of fruit stalk, fruit length, fruit diameter, flesh thickness, seed number, fruit weight, fruit number, yield, total soluble solid, moisture, and vitamin A. The results showed that almost all of characters observed among the hybrids were significantly different with exception for emergence of first flower, position of first fruit, moisture, and the vitamin A. Among 10 hybrids, 3 F1 hybrids were found to have highest superior character (7 characters). The lowest of first fruit position was presented by F1 hybrid from crossing of 99-015 x 99-020, 99-015 x 99-017, and 99-020 x 99-017. The earliest of harvest time of first fruit was presented by F1 from 99-015 x 99-017. Almost all of F1 hybrids were found to have high yield except for F1 hybrid of 99-015 x 99-010, 99-014 x 99-010, and 99-010 x 99-017. The lowest of first fruit position, the earliest of harvest time of first fruit, high yield, and high total soluble solid was presented by F1 hybrid of 99-015 x 99-017. This results can be used to select F1 hybrid in supporting the productivity and quality of papaya.




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