Pelayanan Perijinan Pemakaian Tempat-tempat Tertentu Yang Dikuasai Pemerintah Kota Malang Studi Di Badan Pengelola Keuangan Dan Aset Daerah (Bpkad) Kota Malang

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: Licensing Services Use of Certain Places government Mastered Malang (Studies in Finance and Asset Management Agency Regional Malang). Licensing Service use certain places controlled by the municipal government is basically poor service that regulates the permission and addressed to the people who will want to put on the ground or a specific place in poor control of the city government. It is set to minimize the problems that can arise because of some friction between the interests of the applicant's license and license holders. The problems which have already occurred include regulation and the system is not perfect, yet competent Human Resources, Presentation data is not accurate, control, supervision and sanctions are weak, undisciplined people. The aim of this study was to identify and analyze service USAge licensing certain places controlled by the city government becomes poor and the factors that supporting and licensing services as intended. This study is a qualitative study with a descriptive approach. Data were analyzed using analysis techniques Creswell models. Results from this study is that the use permit has been running since periodization before and / or after 1945 with various developments and changes in the rules governing the use of the license in question. Permit the use of certain areas controlled by the city government for the poor becomes a potential asset poor city areas and become one of the principal main requirement for the city poor. Suitability licensing services with the development is indispensable for example the need for human resources for local government qualified and sufficient in number, the accuracy of data held, modern services, and public order in the care of licensing and so forth.




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