Analisis Penyebaran Permasalahan Tanah Di Kabupaten Pasuruan

Andre Hidayat • Sutomo Kahar • Sawitri Subiyanto
Journal article Jurnal Geodesi Undip • 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 14 pages)


Pasuruan regency is one of regencies in East Java, which has an area of 1,474 km ² where there are lots of good land issues that conflict, dispute or matter. In the present study using a digital map of land use in 2009 Pasuruan, digital map Pasuruan administration in 2012, the RBI Digital Map of East Java Province and Quick Bird Image 2011. Previous first textual data collection in the field. The next step is processed maps with ArcGIS software processing is then performed with analysis tools, among others, with Extract and Overlay to obtain a map of the spread of the problem. Based on the results obtained processing problems in Pasuruan number as many as 85 cases spread across 17 districts, of 85 cases have been resolved as many as 24 cases and 61 cases remaining unresolved, Of the 85 cases were scattered in various types of land use, among others:irregular dense villages, irrigated fields, moor, grass, plantations and farms.




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