Identifikasi Variabilitas Genetik Wani Bali (Mangifera Caesia Jack.) Dengan Analisis Penanda RAPD

I. Nyoman Rai • G. Wijana • C. G. A. Semarajaya
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • June 2008 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


. Rai, I.N., G. Wijana, and C. G. A. Semarajaya. 2008. Identification of Genetic Variability of Wani Bali (Mangifera caesia Jack.) Using RAPD Analysis Marker. Wani Bali is one of tropical fruit which belongs to genus mangifera. Consumer prefers the fruit due to the specific flavor, sweet and delicious taste, and the thickness of edible pulp. There are many cultivars of Wani Bali with specific character. However, genetic variability has not been specified. The research was aimed to identify the genetic variability by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) marker. The research was conducted from February to December 2006, located at centrals of Wani Bali in Bali. It consisted of 3 steps (1) surveying of cultivars and identification of their leaf, flower, and fruit characters, (2) collecting sample for RAPD analysis (seed of identified cultivars grown in polybag at plastichouse and after 6 months seedling, 5-6 leaves were collected as sample), and (3) analyzing RAPD, which was conducted at Biomolecular and Immunology Laboratory, Research Unit of Plantation Biotechnology, Bogor. The results revealed that according to the fruit character (shape, taste, size, and skin color of fruit) had been identified 22 cultivars, but among cultivars could not be specified by plant shape, branch type, leaf and flower characters. There are 3 groups at 43% variability according to genetic variability of Wani Bali which was analyzed by RAPD. The sole cultivar genetically significantly different among the cultivars is Wani Bali Ngumpen (seedles cultivar) from Bebetin, Buleleng District. The cultivars that were planted at the same regency and/or at 2 neighbouring regencies genetically were clustered in 1 group, excluding Wani Bali Ngumpen from Bebetin, Buleleng District.




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