Simbol-simbol Pada Puisi-puisi Ezra Pound

Cliff Viceroi Johannes

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


This skripsi which is entitled “Simbol-simbol padapuisi-puisi Ezra Pound” focuses on the categories of symbols in 20 poems written by Ezra Pound. The writer selects 20 well-known Ezra Pound's poems using “content analysis” to obtain 20 poems comprehension about the content of the mentioned above poems, because by understanding the content of the poems we could understanding further to analyze they symbols found in chosen 20 poems. In terms of data analysis, a method of description is applied intrinsically, to lead the discussion on “symbols”, one of the concept of figures of speech found in the book “Sound and Sense” by Lawrence Perinne. The research findings show that the most dominant symbols found as the “private” ones with their special connotative meanings. It is suggested that using “symbols” in communication, to some extent beneficial due to keep the “safety” or “private” of the speakers who are communicating.




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