Dampak Sosial Ekonomi Kebijakan Relokasi Pasar ( Studi Kasus Relokasi Pasar Dinoyo Malang )

Aldinur Armi

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


: Social and Economy Impact on Market Relocation Policy (Case Study on Relocation of Dinoyo Traditional Market Kota Malang). Purpose of the relocation policy at Dinoyo Traditional Market to Merjosai Temporary Market is to revitalize Dinoyo Traditional Market to be more modern. This policy is temporary until revitalizing old market is done. On the implementation of this policy, there will be social and economic impacts occur that influence stakeholders Dinoyo Traditional Market. Research type is descriptive with qualitative approach, this research aim to describe the implementation of relocation policy Dinoyo Market to Merjosari Market before implementation on progress, during implementation progress, and after the implementation finish also describing social and economic impacts that happen in this implementation of relocation policy.




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