Idiom Dalam Film the Godfather

Indrarisky S. Langi

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


The aim of this research is to identify, classify, and analyze the idioms based on their forms and meanings. The descriptive method is used in this research, and the data have been taken from a movie, and analyzed them based on the theory of Boatner and Gates. The result of this research shows that idioms can be found in various of idiom's form. It is proved by the number of idioms form which was identified in the movie : there are 96 idioms that classified in 4 form, 80 lexemic idioms, which are divide in 4 classes, 53 verbal idioms, 11 nominal idioms, 5 adjectiva idioms, and 11 adverb idioms, 15 phrases idioms, no frozen form idiom, and there are only 1 proverb.




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