Tuberkulosis Dan Hiv/aids Penyebab Utama Kematian Di Kota Dan Kabupaten Jayapura, 2007

Dina Bisara Lolong
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • June 2010 China • India • Indonesia

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Indonesia, as one of the mega countries, has been ranked as the third highest contributor toglobal Tuberculosis (TB) after India and China. TB was also ranked number two in cause of mortality inIndonesia based on the latest study. For many people, TB is the first sign of immune dysfunction associatedwith HIV infection. In Papua and West Papua, the increase HIV/AIDS is growing further that has beenreaching generalized classification. The data is obtained from cause of death registration mechanism thathas been implemented since 2007 in Papua (City and District of Jayapura). Two sources of death data arefrom medical records if death occurs in hospitals and Verbal Autopsy if death occurs at home. In thisarticle, cause of death is based on underlying cause of death. Limitation of the study is not validated toevaluate the completeness of the death data. Therefore the data may be underestimated. This study revealsthat majority of death occurs among productive ages (15-44 years old), while the other parts of Indonesiaamong older people. Almost halve of death is caused by communicable diseases. Among thesecommunicable diseases, the main cause of death was TB and followed by HIV/AIDS. TB was the numberone cause of death and it contributes 17% of death in all ages. HIV/AIDS was the number four cause ofdeath and it contributes 5.4% of death among ages 15-44 years old. It seems that all ages were sufferedfrom TB, but highest among ages 25-34 years old. While for HIV/AIDS mostly were ages 20-39 years old.The local government should solve this problem by comprehensive approaches immediately with involvingthe other sectors and community itself. Health education is one of ways to solve this problem for peopleespecially people living in the remote areas, otherwise loss of generation may be happened likely in Papua.




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