Status Kesehatan Ibu Hamil Dan Morbiditas Anak Di Kabupaten Sukabumi Tahun 2006

Felly Philipus Senewe
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • June 2010

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


Indicators size from mother's alive continuance and child in general accept as indicator ismother's mortality rate (MMR), Child mortaiity rate (CMR) in belong baby/infant mortality rate (IMR).The important get indicator from accumulator use and AKB as well-being degree indicator appointed inIndonesia wells 2010 and Goals' Development's Millenium (MDGs' (WHO's, 2003). So that child andmaternal health program execution goes well, Supposed permanent child and maternal health programservice quality enhanced aspect is good principal priority activity is increased primary health care(Puskesmas) also at regency/city level. Watchfulness as support "evidence data" based on wisdom andaccumulator depreciation intervention and CMR. Aim to detect pregnant mother's well-being status andchild well-being status at Sukabumi's regency year 2006. Mother's the result ever pregnant more than 4times (24%). Abortion insident 13% and because too much activities (59%). Body mass index ("KEK")19,7% and purple (KEK 19,5% pregnant complication at most vomits to over do (27%), (26%) and heartsickness (16%) and swollen in foot and face (14%). Undesirable pregnancy (4%). Delivery complication atmost because "ketuban pecah dini" (44%), Afterbirth retention (28%) and bleeding (20%). Sexciooperation caesaria 1, 1% and low birth weight/BBLR as big as 14,5%. Underbelly pain childbedcomplication 18,7%. Child pneumonia prevalence 3,3%, prevalence poliomielitis 1, 2% and prevalencepertusis 3, 6%.




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