Penentuan Kadar Nikotin Dalam Asap Rokok

Dewi Susanna • Budi Hartono • Hendra Fauzan
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • December 2003

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 3 pages)


The purpose of this descriptive study is to assess smoke nicotine level of six cigarette brands soldin the markets. The samples consist of three brands of filtered cigarette and three brands of `kretek' unfilteredcigarette. The nicotine content was measured from both main-stream smoke and side-stream smoke by usingHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography. Each of brand measured three times. The average of nicotine content in each cigarette was shown in the table including comparison between the main-stream smoke andthe side-stream smoke. It was found that the nicotine content of`kretek' cigarettes is higher than filteredcigarette. The highest nicotine content of the filtered cigarettes was in Filter "C" brand, meanwhile the lowestwas Filter "A" brand. The highest nicotine content of the`kretek' cigarettes was in Filter "X" brand with thelowest nicotine content was in Filter "Z" brand. The nicotine cigarette content of main-stream smoke was 4 —6 fold than side-stream smoke. From this study, it can be recommended that nicotine content should be puton every cigarette pack label, and there should be a follow up study on other brand of cigarettes and also the effects of cigarettes on active and passive smokers.




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