Segmentasi Pasar dan Pemetaan Persepsi Atribut Produk Beberapa Jenis Sayuran Minor (Under-utilized)

Witono Adiyoga • Mieke Ameriana • Thomas Agus Soetiarso
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • December 2008 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


. Adiyoga, W., M. Ameriana, and T. A. Soetiarso. 2008. Market Segmentation and Perceptual Mapping of Product Attributes of Some Minor/under-utilized Vegetables. Consumer surveys were carried out in Sukasari and Lembang Subdistrict, Bandung, West Java from August to November 2004. This study was aimed to identify market segmentation and consumer's perceptual mapping regarding product attributes of some minor (under-utilized) vegetables. Multi-stage cluster sampling was used to select 50 respondents who were proportionally and randomly drawn from those 2 subdistricts. Data were gathered through interviews by using a structured questionnaire. In this preliminary study, 4 minor vegetables were chosen; those were lima bean, stragooseberry, winged bean, and chayote. For the purpose of examining the product positioning of these 4 minor vegetables, 4 other vegetables that were considered as their substitute (bean, spinach, yard-long bean, and zucchini) were also involved. Product attributes examined were (a) high nutrient content, (b) medicinal purpose, (c) taste good/delicious, (d) long shelf-life, (e) price/expensive, and (f) availability. Results have identified 2 clusters or 2 market segments with different characteristics for each commodity. Number of cases/respondents in cluster 1 was consistently larger than that in cluster 2 for all commodities. Hence, the effort for improvements was suggested to be more focus to cluster 1 or consumer segment 1. Meanwhile, based on the comparison with their substitutes, some attributes that should be considered for improvement were taste and nutrient content (for lima bean), medicinal purpose, and shelf-life (for chayote), and availability (for lima bean, stragooseberry, and winged bean).




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