Pengaruh Penyuluhan Terhadap Pengetahuan Penderita Tb Paru Di Kabupaten Tangerang

Bambang Sukana • Herryanto Herryanto • Supraptini Supraptini
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • December 2003

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Tuberculosis (TB) remains to be a national problem, because it is the third most deadly disease after cardiovascular and respiratory diseases in any age, and it is the most deadly in terms of infectionillness. Curing TB using directly observed treatment short course (DOTS) strategy is still a problem becausethe lack of human resources in controlling the drugs intake from health case facilities. The objective of the study is to find out theunprovement of knowledge of TBaccustwes after being given information about TB.The study coverage is five community health centers in Tangerang using quasi experimental design with 84samples. The interviews are held passively with the following criteria : BTA positive with category.Intervention is done to the accusatives by giving information about curing TB intensively and giving guidance book to them. Before doing intervention, we firstly conduct an interview to know about theaccusatives socio economic conditions and their knowledge about curing TB. The result of the study . reveals that the knowledge of the accusatives before being given information and after receivinginformation is very different with RR value= 3.05, meaning that TB accusatives knowledge who havereceived the information is better than those who do not received the information.




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