Aplikasi Persebaran Alumni Teknik Geodesi Universitas Diponegoro Berbasis Webgis

Rizqie Anarullah • Bambang Darmo Yuwono • Arief Laila Nugraha
Journal article Jurnal Geodesi Undip • 2015 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Geodetic Engineering Diponegoro University established since 2005 has produced graduates who have skills in the field of surveying and mapping. Graduates are spread throughout Indonesia and worked in various government and private agencies. To support the data collection system Geodesy Diponegoro University graduate then needed an application that can simplify the record and determine the distribution of the graduates. That would give information about a vacancy by means of interact directly betweben graduates.Application Distribution Graduates Geodetic Engineering Diponegoro University (called PATG) is expected to cover all these needs. Development of this application begins with a literature study from research with the same study then collected data an attribute of graduates, process data and manufacturing MySQL database to display a map of the distribution of graduates.Results from this research is an application of alumni spread geodetic engineering based Diponegoro University webGIS that displays the distribution of geodetic engineering graduates are scattered throughout the region. This application was tested using two kind tests. First is a test program with the result that the application is successfully accessed with a web browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Next is a USAbility test using a questionnaire with the result that the application is assessed for effectiveness 77,2% , 78,25% for convenience and 76,5% for satisfaction. Thus this application categorized effective application , easy and satisfying.




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