Pembuatan Aplikasi Pembelajaran Hitungan Geodesi Berbasis Web

Muhammad Iqbal Akhsin • Moehammad Awaluddin • Andri Suprayogi
Journal article Jurnal Geodesi Undip • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Geodetic Sciences study on the measurement of the earth's surface, the shape of the earth as geoid and ellipsoid and various types of problems in it. So that students of Geodesy science are required to have a deep understanding of various types of basic calculations. Umaryono himself thought if Geodesy is one branch of applied mathematics, so it is always in contact with a variety of counts.This final report designs a website which has features learning about Geodesy formula in subjects Coordinate Conversion System, Map Projection and Count Projections Geodesy. Some count included in the site geodetic coordinate conversion - geocentric, geodetic - UTM / TM3 / TM as well as a matter of positioning methods Gauss Mid Latitude and Vincenty. Program is web-based using PHP and HTMLApplication is a count and a step explanations prepared using PHP and HTML. The results compared with results of the program Adjust have a difference 0 – 0,0012 m for geodetic conversion to UTM / TM3 / TM and a difference of 0.02" for the results of reverse azimuth direct method Gauss Mid Latitude with a count of excel and the remaining results is the same. The results of the application is displayed in two columns on a page after the data input is entered. View is easy to understand and accept a two-stage response evidenced by results of a questionnaire with a positive feedback score of 96.55% and 97.92%.




Jurnal Geodesi Undip

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