Jamur Pada Buah-buahan, Savuran, Kaki Lalat Dan Linckuncan Di Pasar Tradisional Dan Swalavan

Nunik St Aminah • Supraptini Supraptini
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • December 2003 Indonesia • Niger

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


.Fungi is relevant problem to study, since humidity in Indonesia is about65(1/0-85% which is verysuitable for fungi to grow. The study has been identified some genuses of fungi grown on fruits and vegetables sold in traditional market and supermarket. There are 12 genuses of fungi found from fruits soldin traditional market at temperature 27°C-30°C. Those are Candida sp.,Fusarium sp.,Homodendrum sp., Curvulania sp.,Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Geotrichum, Alternaria,Penicillium, Muccor, Aureobasidium, Scopulariopsis sp., andCladosporium sp. In Fruits booths Spores of A. Niger, A.gloucus and Fusarium sp werefound frequently on Musca domestica flies's feet. Meanwhile, in supermarket at 23°- 24° C has beenidentified 7 genuses of fungi. Those areCandida sp., Fusarium sp,. Apergillus sp.,Rhizopus sp.,Penicillium sp,. Curvulania sp andMucor sp. In traditional market, 10 genuses were identified from vegetables i.e. Kamir (Candida sp). Fusarium sp., Aspergillus sp.,Rhizopus sp, Homodendrum sp.,Curvulania sp., Penicillium sp, Alternaria sp, Aureobasidium sp, Botrylis sp, Triechoderma sp., Mucor sp.,Scopulariopsis sp., andGeotrichumsp. They frequently found on flies's feet in vegetables booth.Furtheremore, in thesupermarket there are 5 genuses identified on vegetables i. e. Candida sp, Fusarium sp.,Aspergillus sp., Mucor sp., and Bonytis sp. Among those found from fruits and vegetables;Aspergillus sp.,Geotrichum sp, andFusariumsp. were problems for health Presence of Fusarium sp., andA. Nigertogether could be acause of blindness.




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