Pengelompokan Aksesi Pisang Menggunakan Karakter Morfologi IPGRI

Sukartini Sukartini
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • March 2007

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


. Sukartini. 2007. IPGRI Morphology Characters for Clustering of Musa spp. Accessions. The research was conducted at Purwodadi Botanical Garden Pasuruan, Sumani and Aripan Field Station of Indonesian Tropical Fruits Research Institute on December 2000-June 2001. The research objective was to know the genetic distance and relationship among the 26 banana accessions. The research material covered 26 banana accessions. Identification activity was done toward 35 characters constitute of 28 qualitative and 7 quantitative characters based on descriptor for banana IPGRI. The results showed that kepok Putih and kepok Kuning banana accession have the lowest genetic distance i.e. 0.0588 with the most maximum similar morphology characters of 94.1176%. Meanwhile, the highest genetic distance i.e. 0.17, was showed by banana Monyet cluster againt other banana accession with the minimum similarity morphological characters 83.1169%. Banana Monyet is better to be used as parental to obtain higher genetic variation. Banana kepok Putih and kepok Kuning could be chosen either one for efficiency on germplasm maintenance.




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