Kohesi Dan Koherensi Teks Pidato “Apec Ceo Summit 2014” Oleh Joko Widodo

Maryati Lika Anahamu

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


This skripsi is made as a requirement to obtain bachelor Degree in English in Sam Ratulangi University. This research entitled “The Cohesion and Coherence of Speech at “APEC CEO SUMMIT 2014” by Joko Widodo. It is attempt to analyze and explain the cohesion and coherence items in Joko Widodo speech. There are three steps to finish this research. First step is preparation, the writer finds the speech of Joko Widodo, she also reads some books about language, linguistics, discourse analysis, relevant theories, and articles from internet which relevant to the topic of this study. Second step is data collection, the writer downloads the speech of Joko Widodo “APEC CEO SUMMIT 2014” from www.englishindo.com, reads the speech for several times to have deeper understanding and identifies the items according to theory of Juez (2009). Third step is data analysis. The method used in this research is taken from Alba-Juez (2009) and supported by the theory of Halliday & Hassan (1976) and Aarts and Aarts ((1982). The theory consists of Cohesion: pronoun, substitution, ellipsis, conjunction, lexical, and Coherence: marked coherence and unmarked coherence. The result of this research shows that in cohesion there are 112 pronouns, 6 substitutions, 1 ellipsis, 6 conjunctions, 14 lexical cohesions. In this speech, there are 22 marked coherence and there is no unmarked coherence.




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