Pengetahuan Wus Yang Rendah Terhadap Toksoplasmosis Di Kecamatan Setiabudi Dan Kecamatan Mampang Kodya Jakarta Selatan

Salma Ma'roef
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Health Ecology • March 2010 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


The risk ofToxoplasmosis gondii can cause abortion, it can result in death or mental disorderfor babies. A study has been conducted with cross sectional design. The analysis unit was used in womenin infertile period with age of 20-34 years old. It was done in two villages in South Jakarta in 2000. Data collected by performing interviews usingquestionnare conducted by health workers. Objective of thisresearch was toindentify the characteristics of women in infertile period for the purpose ofToxoplasmosis counselings model. The results of this study showed characteristics of women in infertile period withcomplete primary school education was (74.0%), those with married status (83.6%, and 16,4% for unmarried ones More than half of the respondents was Java tribe( 62.1 %), and rest of them come from Sunda tribe, out of Java, Betawi tribe and foreign (Indian nations). The majority (59.0%) of therespondents was housewife and rest were( intrepreneurs, workers, teachers, and college). The averageexpenditure of the respondent family was underRp 750.000 per month( 34.1 % ) Knowledge of toksoplasmosis was only understood by 18.1% .The sources of information was come fromwaching TV66.9 % ), listening of the radio( 27,0 %) and reading ( 6.1%) . This research results is expected to use for developingtoksoplasmosis prevention counseling models for wedding preparation.




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