Analisis Penguasaan, Pemilikan, Penggunaan Dan Pemanfaatan Tanah (P4t) Berdasarkan Sebaran Bidang Tanah Untuk Kegiatan Normalisasi Sungai Menggunakan Sig Tahun 2016 (Studi Kasus : Kali Beringin Kel. Mangkang Wetan)

Muhammad Nida Hakim El Wafa • Sawitri Subiyanto • Fauzi Janu Amarrohman
Journal article Jurnal Geodesi Undip • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


In order to procure land for implementation of development public interest, the government of Semarang hold multiple policies, one of which is the implementation of the Beringin normalization. Beringin of policy normalization is then required the inventory and mapping of the data Tenure, Ownership, Use and Utilization of Land (P4T) in the area Beringin riverbanks, in accordance with the Accountability Activity Report (LKPJ) Compulsory Land Affairs 2013 Semarang.This study uses data in 2011 Quickbird satellite imagery, maps Mangkang Wetan village administration, and maps of land acquisition for the normalization Beringin 2013. The method used is with combines third digitized data is then performed on screen to create a map plot and plan normalization river , Furthermore, the identification of parcels of land in the form of attribute data control, ownership, use, and use of parcels of land affected normalization activities in Sub Mangkang Beringin Wetan.In this essay results obtained in the form of a map of the distribution of plots of land along Tenure, Ownership, Use and Utilization of Land (P4T) is affected by the action plan river normalization. The total area of plots of land affected river normalization amounted to 79.428 m2 of total 143 plots of land with 19 patterns of relationships. The resulting area where tenure of land is directly controlled by measuring their owners 62.875 m2, ownership of land with right of ownership 62.576 m², the use of land by inland waters of 33.894 m² and utilization of land dominated by agricultural production amounted to 69.205 m².




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