Potensi Kandungan Antosianin pada Daun Muda Tanaman Mangga sebagai Kriteria Seleksi Dini Zuriat Mangga

Sukartini Sukartini • Muhammad Jawal Anwarudinsyah
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • March 2010

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


. Sukartini and M. Jawal Anwarudin Syah. 2009. Potency of Anthocyanin Compound in the YoungLeaves for Early Selection Criteria of Mango Zuriat. Anthocyanin in fruits, stems, and leaves are expressedas red, blue, and purple hues characteristic. The objective of the research was to find out the correlation betweenanthocyanin compound on mango young leaves and anthocyanin compound on fruit peel. The research was doneduring January- December 2004 and January-December 2006 in Indonesian Center for Agricultural PostharvestResearch and Development. Eleven red peel mango varieties (Delima, Irwin, Haden, Kartikia, Saigon, Gedong, Apel,Liar, Keitt, Beruk, Ayu) and 1 green peel mango variety (Arumanis 143) were used in the research. Horwitz methodswas used to determined anthocyanin compound in the young leaves and in the peel of mango. The results showedthat anthocyanin compound in the young leaves have linear correlation with anthocyanin compound in the peel atY=60.14+3.02X (r=0.83**) regression formula. Young leaves anthocyanin compound of mango was potentially usedas early selection criteria for red peel of mango zuriat.




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